Ep 90: New job weirdness

This week we talk about new job weirdness! This was recorded about a month ago, so some of our points may no longer be true of our workplace anymore, but still useful info! Here is a list of things we mention/thought about mentioning: In jokes/rituals/other Trying to move into existing groups/teams Figuring out who does

Ep 89: Tubular bells and whistles

This week I talk to Abby Bangser about pipelines! This episode is based a bit on a workshop that Abby and previous guest Lisa Crispin will be giving at ETC next year. Things we cover: Brief definition of and difference between: Continuous Integration The practice of merging all developer working copies to a shared mainline

Ep 88: There’s a hack for that

This week I talk to Jahmel (Jay) Harris. Jahmel is a Penetration tester/Security consultant at Digital Interruption. He also runs Manchester Grey Hats. Things to consider before starting security testing App permissions? Information users need to give the app Push notifications? Fine usually, but be aware if anything sensitive if sent – shoulder surfing  Wearables

Ep 86: Don’t be afraid to catch feels

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about human interaction with computers, the way humans connect to and feel about the tech in their lives, and how we evoke emotions using technology (both purposely and incidentally). I’ve started work at the BBC, for the BBC Taster website, which serves experiences like a journey of a family

Ep 85: Sound Effects and Overdramatics

This week is the Manchester Testbash crew! Matt, Claire, and I talk about out experiences of putting our first successful conference submissions together and how we’re preparing. We’re planning on doing a part two post Testbash to reflect on the days themselves. You can find Claire on twitter and she writes for Ministry of Testing.

Ep 83: Learn to fly

This week we talk to Danny Dainton about learning! Here is the mindmap we used to guide the conversation: Other things we reference: Katrina Clokie on Stay Interviews Neil Studd’s episode on the permanently exhausting pigeon