Ep 67: Diving Deep Into Domains

This week I talk to Lisa Crispin about domain knowledge, and the value testers can provide here. I love getting deep into domain knowledge, whether that be internal or with external clients, and I really feel this is where testers can provide some great insights and value. What? Get deep knowledge about the area you’re

Ep 65: A Gordian Knot of Numbers

Or: This week Matt and I talk ourselves in circles about metrics: Opening thoughts: Why measure? Because everyone wants to improve. What to measure? Very very difficult to measure “soft skills” like testing. Several perspectives on this. Matt: I’ve worked in places where they counted bugs and I’ve made the mistake of counting test cases.

Ep 64: This Modern Testing

This week I’m talking to Andy Tinkham about his testing philosophy: Modern Testing. You may be familiar with this alreadY: Andy has been on both Test Talks and the Testing Show talking about it. I highly recommend both those episodes if you’d not already listened to them. That’s where I first heard about Andy’s philosophy,

Ep 63: Testbash bonus!

Or Testbash Manchester! That’s right, the Testbash review episode you didn’t know you needed. I’m here with Matt Bretten to discuss the whats, whens, whos, and hows of what can only be described as one* of the best weekends of the year. This is as close to ‘live’ as we get here at LTATB towers,

Ep 61: It Takes Two

This week I talk to Maaret Pyhäjärvi about pair testing. But this is an interview with a twist: we did an hour of strong style pair testing (http://visible-quality.blogspot.co.uk/2015/10/a-course-on-testing-pairing-and-mobbing.html) first, and recorded our thoughts and experiences regarding that. I cannot recommend pair testing enough! It’s hard work, but totally worth it – you have to think

Ep 60: Go Soft or Go Home

This week I talk to Matt Bretten about Humans vs. Tools. Matt’s gonna be a voice you’ll be hearing more of moving forward. Stay tuned for more news! This is an unfairly stacked deck, I admit. You can’t really take the position that tools are more important/better than the human side of testing. However, we

Ep 58: Hot tub time machine

Or: The future of testing! This super bonus episode is the second of my iterviews with Leigh Rathbone! We make several references to the previous episode (see here), so you may want to catch up on that episode first. In this episode we discuss: James Whitaker and the Hot Tub being the future of the