Ep 79: It Takes Two (Rebroadcast)

Back in October last year, I spoke to Maaret Pyhäjärvi about pair testing. We did a session of pair testing then recorded our debrief/thoughts on the session. It is a great episode, and the shownotes are full of great resources, including the mindmap we used during our session. However, the editing and sound quality was

Ep 78: May the Testbash be with you

So this week we finally discuss Testbash Brighton and the freshly announced Testbash Manchester! First, Testbash Brighton. Testbash was awesome as always. Brighton moved to a new venue but all the normal Testbash awesomeness applied!   Conference Day Takeaways Nice to see a focus on empathy Empathy for developers Empathy for customers – Tito customer

Ep 76: You don’t own the bug

This week I talk about Bug Advocacy! This came swirling into my mind after seeing a couple of older blog posts about the matter and it turns out I have feelings on Bug Advocacy! Definition: Simply put bug advocacy is that: advocating for a bug. Advocating that it should be prioritised and fixed. There are

Ep 75: What is the plural of syllabus?

A few weeks ago I took part in Weekend Testing Europe, and I enjoyed it so much we did a whole episode on it! There is a blog post on the site that covers the scenario and discussions: http://weekendtesting.com/?p=4496 I was in Group C (the C stood for Cool): http://weekendtesting.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/WTEU73-Group-C.pdf Our mission was to imagine

Ep 74: Around the World in 80 Tests

Firstly: This month is #TryPod, a month where podcasters, and people who love podcasts bring podcasts to those who do not listen to them. I share the love for some of my latest subscriptions here Secondly: Matt and I will both be at Testbash Brighton! come say hi if you’re there 😀 And now, onto

Ep 72: Mayday! Mayday!

Today, in a first of what will probably be a semi-regular series: ‘How is [career] like testing’, we cover Air Crash Investigations. Investigating what has caused an accident/bug First action? Find the black boxes! (logs/monitoring) Collect all of the evidence (effects of the bug, clues in data that led to it, eye witness accounts) Come

Ep 71: The Epilogue of Testing

Part two of my talk with Mel Eaden! You’ll need to listen to part one first (if you’ve not already) as this starts literally where that finishes. We talk about testers as narrators, and how that means getting distance from the team and politics. We also touch on biases and how people put their biases

Ep 70: The Novella Of Testing

This week I am talking to Mel Eaden AKA Mel the Tester! This is gonna be a two parter as we spoke for a while about many many things, so part one today, part two next week, then back with our normal fortnightly schedule the week after that. That’s right, three episodes in three weeks!

Ep 68: Automatic for the people

This week I talk to Angie Jones about automation! We talk about: Getting into Automation and the different mindsets Automation seems like a black box at times, especially moving from testing a GUI (Graphical User Interface) to testing the underlying code, it feels like a mental shift. Even to back-end developers, automation can seem like