Ep 98: Let’s Get Uncomfy

Hi listeners! So this is late and a little off schedule, but it’s here! I’m currently sourcing therapy as I’ve had a rough time the past few weeks and need a top up, which is why things haven’t been happening. Podcasting brings me great joy, so I will absolutely keep doing it, but my time will be stretched thin(ner) with therapy, so it may be a bit more flakey than normal. I will endeavour to let you all know before I miss an episode going forward!

This week I talk to Cassandra Leung! We talk about being uncomfortable, and how you can get benefit from being uncomfortable. Cassandra gave a talk on this at Testbash Philly last year, and if you have a Pro membership you can watch this talk here: https://dojo.ministryoftesting.com/dojo/lessons/how-to-benefit-from-being-uncomfortable-cassandra-h-leung

We talk about 99 second talks at Testbash, how to keep track of your accomplishments, and rapping on stage. We also cover moving jobs, phone calls, and pushing yourself to get uncomfortable.

Cassandra can also be found on twitter and her blog.

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