Ep 97: Against Energy and the Caring Angry Friend

This week I talk to Matt Heusser about mental health in the workplace! We cover a lot of things, which are mentioned below, but our conversation generally centres around the unique stresses that a software tester encounters and how to help/deal/cope with these.

You can find Matt on twitter, and he recently did a webinar on Deliberate Practice: https://blog.gurock.com/deliberate-practice-in-software-testing/

  • At the workplace
  • Self-Care
    • Sleep (Relaxation before sleep, also sleep hygiene – no screens etc)
    • Exercise
    • Diet
      • Nutrition – Supplements B12, Vit D as well
    • THE PROBLEM WITH “COPING” – Coping as a distraction from dealing with issues
  • Dealing with Anxiety
    • What is the source of the anxiety? Past history of ongoing? (see trouble with coping)
    • Mindfulness / Mindful movement (yoga, etc)
    • This is broadly selfcare but also falls under dealing with bouts of mental ill-health. You up the selfcare and in movement or guided meditation you can take yourself out of the noise in your own head, and maybe come to a resolution
    • CBT
    • Thought records
    • PSTEC: http://www.pstec.org/
  • The Inner Life
  • The Chinese Farmer & The Amygdala
  • Mantras and Meaning
  • The Monster – Against Energy
    • Intimacy – requires vulnerability, which may need to be practiced
  • Acceptance and gratitude
    • Practice acceptance and gratitude
  • Selfishness
  • Chaos child
  • Stoicism – Dealing with externals
    • Dealing with emotions in a healthy way, engaging and responding, not reacting
  • Getting Help
    • Experiences with Therapy
    • Beware the Caring Angry Friend!

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