Ep 95: “You don’t need client approval. You just need self approval.”

Title from: https://twitter.com/basithharoon/status/932872776616116224, via @agencyquotes.

As a reminder, I am still collecting questions at http://bit.ly/AskGem, come quiz me on things!

This week I talk to James Sheasby Thomas about #agencylife!

Before I moved to the BBC, I worked in a couple of agencies, and, after talking to a few non-agency testers I realised a lot of people don’t realise what it’s like working in an agency, so I asked James if he wanted to come chat about his experiences. You can find James on twitter, his blog, and you can find his TestBash talk on the Dojo (Pro account needed)

Here’s a mindmap of what we spoke about:

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