Ep 93: 2017 in review

2017 has been a year!

24 episodes (inc. this episode and the rebroadcast)
12 interviews
13,544 downloads as of recording
28 Patreon posts, 14 of which were Patreon only
More tweets and slack messages than I care to think about
1 new microphone

Favourite moments: All of my interviews – finally got some names that I’ve been organising for a while. Having Maaret come back on was great!

Favourite personal moments: Giving my talk, getting a new job, which left me feeling simultaneously more and less secure as a tester, starting Inner Pod, which is a labour of love.

I got a semi-regular co-host in Matt who has been great in getting ideas together and putting mindmaps together and all that good stuff. It’s made it a lot easier to do shows when there’s fresh ideas coming in.

I was on Screen Testing, where I got weirdly aggressive about the concept of a metaphor, and you’ll be hearing me around a few other podcasts in 2018.

What lies ahead?
2018! What wonders will this year bring?

Loads more interviews! I’ve got a few that I want to do and am in various stages of setting up.
Inner Pod season 2 is coming out as well, that’s happening in the background (you’ll hear some familiar names on the show!)
More automation! More process stuff! Maybe a workshop or two~~~

I’ll be at Testbash Brighton and will have my portable new microphone so will almost definitely end up shoving that (consensually!) in people’s faces 😀

I am terrifyingly close to episode 100. If I don’t take a break or miss an episode, then episode 100 will be released on 29th March 2018. That’s ridiculous. It’s amazing. I have no idea what I’m going to do for that episode. I’d love to do an AMA (Ask me anything) if anyone wants to ask me questions? IN FACT that episode will the episode after Testbash Brighton so I might try to get some people to say some things into a mic then for my landmark 100th episode? Yes, okay, so the plan! You ask me questions, I and anyone who wants in at Testbash Brighton can answer them, and I’ll put it all together for episode 100. Deal? Deal! I will remind you of this, and if I don’t get questions I’ll have to make them up and literally no one wants that.

This is how I end up volunteering for everything btw, I get carried away with things. To make the Ask part of the Ask Me Anything easier, I’ve set up a Curious Cat account: https://curiouscat.me/Gem_Hill. This allows you to ask questions anonymously, without an account anywhere. You can also submit questions through any other means: letstalkabouttests@gmail.com, @LetsTalkTests, here on the site, on slack, in person, anywhere!

I hope 2017 hasn’t been a complete trash fire, and I hope the holiday break grants you some respite. If it doesn’t, feel free to reach out to me at the above contact methods, or there is a twitter hashtag #joinin that is essentially a twitter chat for people who need some company, or kind words, or a reprieve from whatever holiday chaos is about.

I’ll return the first week of January with a post-testbash Manchester chat with Claire Reckless and Matt Bretton!

Love you all <3

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