Ep 79: It Takes Two (Rebroadcast)

Back in October last year, I spoke to Maaret Pyhäjärvi about pair testing. We did a session of pair testing then recorded our debrief/thoughts on the session. It is a great episode, and the shownotes are full of great resources, including the mindmap we used during our session.

However, the editing and sound quality was not amazing. Maaret was quite quiet compared to me, and it was difficult to listen to. I’ve been wanting to reedit and rebroadcast for a while, and finally circumstances came together to do this. The sound still isn’t perfect, but I think it’s a lot clearer, and the volume makes more sense. I’ve also made the outro a bit quieter so there isn’t suddenly a big jump in sound.

I hope you all enjoy the new improved episode 61!

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