Ep 78: May the Testbash be with you

So this week we finally discuss Testbash Brighton and the freshly announced Testbash Manchester!

First, Testbash Brighton. Testbash was awesome as always. Brighton moved to a new venue but all the normal Testbash awesomeness applied!


Conference Day Takeaways

  • Nice to see a focus on empathy
  • Empathy for developers
  • Empathy for customers – Tito customer feedback/Ethics in testing
  • Good balance of tech/non-tech
  • Range of topics! Starting as a new tester in agile, AI and testers, ethics, how testing has changed, API testing, Toolsmiths.
  • Not all speakers were testers: there was a professor + 2 Devs turned CEOs!
  • Testers creating better Turing tests kind of blew my mind despite being bloody obvious now I think about it
    • Testers as the ideal middleman between understanding how people work and how machines work.
  • Lots of juicy ideas to take into my new job that I’ve just started. Amy Philips and Del Dewar’s talks covering ideas on starting on a new project and what good leadership really means.

Open Space Takeaways

  • A nice, low pressure environment to share
    • Can be a discussion or a question, not necessarily a talk or workshop (though they can be done as well)
    • Dan Billing did a demo of Burp Suite and a whirlwind tour to Ticket Magpie (see episode 77)
  • Matt did a session on bringing testing into education (schools, uni, etc – see episode 75 for our talk on a testing syllabus)
  • I did a session on mental health with Mike Talks, which was so awesome
  • A talk popped up during the last break of the open space where we shared stories about people in our lives we were grateful for, and why, and it was a genuine love-in.

Testbash Takeover!

So if you check out the lineup for Testbash Manchester you should see a couple of familiar names! Matt is doing a workshop on API testing, aimed at people wanted to get into API testing who may not have done so before.

I am giving a talk called Anxiety Under Test. With as few spoilers as possible, I’m going to be talking about my anxiety, and how I’ve applied the strategies I’ve learned to help cope with my anxiety to testing, with a quick look at how you can check in with your own mental health and keep on top of it.

The rest of the lineup look A+ and we’re looking forward to an amazing few days!

If you can’t make the conference there will be the pre- and post-testbash meetups as always. These are free to attend so come along and hang out with a bunch of great people!

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