Ep 67: Diving Deep Into Domains

This week I talk to Lisa Crispin about domain knowledge, and the value testers can provide here.

I love getting deep into domain knowledge, whether that be internal or with external clients, and I really feel this is where testers can provide some great insights and value.


Get deep knowledge about the area you’re working in – whether that’s specific to your place of work, or more broad. In my case, my domain knowledge is the CMS we work with, and general web dev knowledge as well as specific knowledge about the processes and tools used within our company.


  • Embedded in teams makes it easier to cross role boundaries
  • Another plus for testers being in the team, not silos
  • Working on planning/requirement gathering also makes it easier – have an eye on the business requirements and needs of biz stakeholders
  • Can find allies who are often left out of the process/overlooked and work together
  • Ask questions: can I sit with you for a bit and you help me with this/explain this to me?


  • Can find others the issue affects if trying to change things and use them – show budget implications to PM, usability/customer satisfaction implications to marketing people
  • Correcting misconceptions can be helpful (sales people finding out the actual process for example)
  • Less seriously, you get a reputation – I get told a lot that I’m the person who knows things at work, because I’m all over the place

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