Ep 63: Testbash bonus!

Or Testbash Manchester!

That’s right, the Testbash review episode you didn’t know you needed. I’m here with Matt Bretten to discuss the whats, whens, whos, and hows of what can only be described as one* of the best weekends of the year. This is as close to ‘live’ as we get here at LTATB towers, so enjoy!

Testbash had a one day traditional conference, then one day of open space where the schedule was made by the attendees. I had a spot pre-selected thanks to Richard Bradshaw, where I spoke about helping testers in a bad situation. See my mindmap here. Matt lead a great discussion on Test in Devops, which had a lot of food for thought.

We discuss all aspects of the conference, from the pre-meetup to the open space, plus 99second talks, and a diversion on bread nomenclature.

*There are many testbashes. Who are we to rate them against each other?

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