Ep 60: Go Soft or Go Home

This week I talk to Matt Bretten about Humans vs. Tools. Matt’s gonna be a voice you’ll be hearing more of moving forward. Stay tuned for more news!

This is an unfairly stacked deck, I admit. You can’t really take the position that tools are more important/better than the human side of testing. However, we did touch on myriad fascinating topics:

  • “A bad workman always blames his tools”
  • Psychology and it’s importance to software development
  • Writing code and using tools is the easy part, it’s harder to know when to make use of them and when not but also communicate and work together effectively
  • You could describe ideas, knowledge and skills as tools – for example I consider pairing a tool I find useful for certain situations
  • Boeing report – 80% of aircraft incidents caused by human error
  • The ELIZA effect

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