Ep 57: Don’t go chasing waterfalls

This week is a guest episode! While I was in Liverpool for Liverpool Tester Gathering (http://www.meetup.com/Liverpool-Tester-Gathering/), I managed to grab some of Leigh Rathbone’s time for a couple of episodes! This is the first one and is about transitioning from Waterfall to Agile, with a focus on testers and test teams.

We cover the pros and cons of the different ways of working, and how to alleviate some of those cons. We reference the Agile Testing Quadrants:

The Agile Testing Quadrants, from The Agile Testing Book

The Agile Testing Quadrants, from The Agile Testing Book

And SMURFS: https://www.agileconnection.com/article/instead-mvps-maybe-we-should-be-releasing-smurfs


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    Useful food for thought on guilds or “communities of practice”, I feel up until recently my team has been pretty good for this as we keep up regular test team meetings separate to their scrum teams.
    But this was a nice timely reminder that I can always do more to help encourage each tester to feel supported and promote consistency across the testing discipline.

    I like the branch of discussion on interviewing testers, it’s always invaluable to hear how different interviewers go about it!

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