Ep 43 – Under the (Brighton) Dome

Testbassssh was last week and although Brighton apparently hates me (I suffered some minor mishaps), I had the best time!

I’ve never actually been to a conference that only has one track of talks but the talks were so wonderfully curated that I’m glad there wasn’t the choice paralysis that occasionally occurs at multiple track conferences; and I genuinely wouldn’t have wanted to miss any of the talks I saw.

The venue was great, Brighton is gorgeous and the atmosphere in the big theatre room that the talks were in was genuinely wonderful (especially when the raving started!)

I was bricking it, and spent the registration period pointedly not talking to anyone, but that soon abated after the first few talks. I got talking to people easily, both with me inserting myself next to people, and people coming up and talking to me, everyone was really friendly!

The talks were all filmed, so they will be out and available for watching but the highlights for me were: Michael Wansley (Wanz! From Thrift Shop!) talking about his work as a gatekeeper working on Vista and MS camera scanner wizard. Katrina’s great intro to test pairing, and Nicola Sedgwick’s fantastic talk on tester’s being human.

But, as always, my favourite bits were the bits in between – the people I met, the energy I found after the conference. That’s why it was particularly gutting that I had a migraine from hell hit on Friday afternoon, so I missed the last talks and the afterparty. As it was, I had a couple of breaks and lunch to meet people, and share some information. I met Mark Tomlinson, finally, who has consistently been an encouraging voice during this podcast; I met people who wanted to know more about podcasting, and my podcast in particular. I met Leigh, who I’d seen a video of a talk he’d done for the Manchester meet up, and encouraged him to go start his own podcast because podcasts are great.

And the effects linger, even from only a short time there – I’ve written this episode, I wrote the skeleton of a talk for testbash Manchester and submitted my proposal on Saturday. I have no idea whether I’ll get in or not; to be honest I’m trying to put it from my mind otherwise I’ll drive myself up the wall second guessing myself. If I don’t get it, I still have an idea I think I can develop further.

The energy I’m currently feeling is amazing, and that’s why I love going to events like this. I can’t wait til testbash comes to Manchester!

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