Ep 32: Totally addicted to stats

Woah wo-ah1

So, the year is coming to an end, and I decided to take a look over some of the stats for the show.

Firstly, the show hit over 2000 total downloads, which is brilliant! Episode 18 also got over 100 downloads, which is the first episode to hit triple digit downloads.
I made an infographic using Canva2, which is a nifty design/image maker site with all my favourite stats about the show. Including the fact that, if you’ve listened to all the shows, excluding this one, you’ve listened to over 6 hours of LTATB! 6 hours!

2015 stats
Click to embiggen. See footnote for data3

See footnote for data3

I’ve linked to a google sheet containing all the downloads data from this year; I can’t actually tell if you’ve listened to them all or not, but I’m going to assume the majority of downloads are also listens.

Other exciting things: Stickers and business cards for the podcast have arrived, as you can see here, modelled on my laptop, and coming soon to a meetup/conference near you! Thanks to Katie Cory for the design once more.

So now, to look forward to 2016:

  • The first episode of the year is going to be an interview!
  • The week after that is the next MAnchester testers meetup4, and I’ve already booked my place!
  • I need to look into booking a place for TestBash in March (still taking donations, see link in sidebar)
  • I’m going to learn Selenium Webdriver as part of dipping my toes in the automation waters
  • I need to read up more, both blogs and books, on testing methodologies


[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jU4VuN9EW9U
[2] https://www.canva.com/
[3] Google Sheet

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