Ep 8: Rage Against the QA

This week I talk to Mike Bell, Drupal Dev, friend, and colleague about the relationship between QA, Dev, and Client.

We talk about how QAs and Devs think differently, reporting bugs to devs, writing AC, and the affect of planetary movements on testing. I also try and fail to remember the term Galumphing and James Bach, the name of the person who coined it.

Mike Bell can be found on Mike Bell, and will be talking at PHPNW15 this year. He’s previously spoken at NWDUG and various Drupal Camps.

In between recording this episode and posting it, its been announced that Mike will be talking as part of a keynote at DrupalCamp Barcelona! Read more about his talk here: https://events.drupal.org/barcelona2015/sessions/mental-health-and-open-source

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